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ASP CRM Scaled to any size Company
What are experts saying around
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"We chose the entellium way because of the speed of implementation and low service costs. They also impressed us with their service and vision to deliver 'real' business solutions at reasonable prices without the risks other IT providers all have."
- John Sturgess
  Managing Director

"entellium offers a prime example of the sort of 'pure play' ASP that gets maximum benefit from using our architecture.  We look forward to working with them to pave the way for SME's to be appropriately eCommerce enabled as they take on the challenges of doing business in the surge economy."
- Tom Burns, Director
  Asia Pacific Internet Solutions Group,   Intel Corp.

" KPMG and entellium will jointly develop and market a number of ASP services for SME's in Malaysia and eventually across Asia. In addition to this, KPMG will advise entellium on a series of best practices for managing security and operations in the ASP delivery model."
- Woon Tai Hai, Director
  KPMG Consulting Asia
About Us
zCRM, "Point to Point" delivery of integrated CRM Business Processes

The zCRM solutions are designed to empower your company to integrate and automate the many business processes that deal with the key components of your organization from customer acquisition to customer experience to project management to technical support to customer relations to channel management to online commerce while providing the connectivity and collaboration capabilities that allow your company to be extremely efficient and much more profitable.

Just as the "Z" in our name implies turnkey "A to Z" point to point integrated process automation, the technology has been designed with an open architecture to fit the business requirements of most organizations and industries regardless of company size.  It is a fact that this can all be accomplished via zCRM ASP online implementation utilizing easy to use customization features and business rule engines to provide the flexibility you need to get started in a matter of few days or weeks.

The Difference - Affordable integration to your enterprise and MS Office products

Why would you want to re-train your staff again to new user interfaces when they are completely satisfied with their existing desktop products (i.e. MS Office, Act for Windows, and others)?  Aside from the fact that zCRM costs far less than other integrated solutions on the market, it allows you to use familiar applications like your browser or Excel to access the information you need across all departments and divisions.  With user defined permissions, every department can interface, communicate and collaborate with minimal training.


zCRM is a subsidiary of the TWI Corporation. (TWI) is a privately held company located in Auburn, California. TechWrite International has served to provide technical resources, software application development, enterprise solutions and marketing development to high technology organizations since 1993. In recent years focus has shifted to Internet and web solutions leveraging the use of enterprise collaboration, web conferencing, next generation virtual private networks, "playerless" streaming video, eCRM marketing, digital document management, centralized application streaming technologies and complete online delivery of integrated CRM and eBusiness processes.

The Board of Directors has recently directed the company to concentrate on the role of providing cost effective outsourcing of Advanced Technical Support services targeting mid-market software and technology companies. The TechCall Network provides quality technical resources and inbound call centers to support your corporate bottom line (TechCall.net). The Directors have also indicated that the primary focus in 2003 is to get the word out regarding "zCRM solutions (powered by entellium technology) to enable companies to be more efficient and profitable during slower economic times. 

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